The latest results of sjkeyti's lottery collection: 2020 Hong Kong's mid season

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science and technology leading stock Lixun detailed news!

[6} the company announced in the evening of July 17 that it and its controlling shareholder Lixun Co., Ltd. would invest RMB 3.3 billion (about US $472 million) to wholly acquire 100% equity of two wholly-owned subsidiaries of Wistron capital.

After the completion of the

transaction, Lixun details will become Apple's first local OEM in China. But now, the other day, can be provocative Foxconn.

On the evening of the 17th, the A-share listed company Lixun announced in detail that the company intends to co invest with its controlling shareholder Lixun Co., Ltd. to purchase 100% equity of Weichuang investment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Weixin Zitong (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., which are wholly-owned subsidiaries directly and indirectly restricted by win.

in addition to the company and Lixun limited, there are other oblivious third parties to participate in the acquisition. At present, the initial transaction price of the assets is about 3.3 billion yuan. Lixun detailed (or holding subsidiary) plans to invest no more than 600 million yuan, and does not form a controlling interest in the current company.

if the acquisition is successful, the company's existing product sales channels can be broadened.

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Wistron also picked out in an e-mail statement that the deal had yet to be approved by regulatory authorities and looked to be improved by the end of this year. At present, Wistron is one of the only three OEM manufacturers for iPhones. The other two are ASUS technology and Foxconn Group, among which Wistron is the youngest. The deal also means that ASUS and Foxconn will usher in new competitors.

is reported that the detailed takeover target is the two subsidiaries of the weft group in Chinese mainland. After the acquisition of these subsidiaries, Lixun will restrict Wegener's apple mobile phone installation plant in Kunshan,彩库宝典最新开奖结果2020香港三肖期期中 Jiangsu Province, China, and thus gain a place in Apple's supply and answer chain.

Today, Wistron is one of the only three OEM manufacturers of iPhones, younger than both ASUS and Foxconn. The company announced the latest lottery results of caiku Baodian, which has allowed two subsidiaries in East China to be sold to Lixun details at a price of 3.3 billion yuan during the 2020 Hong Kong Sanxiao period.

Analysts said the deal was a victory in detail as the latest lottery result of caiku Baodian was in the middle of the 2020 Hong Kong three year period. The company produces accessories and parts from cables, chargers to antennas. The latest results of the lottery show that the company is also the world's largest manufacturer of apple airpods wireless headphones in the three months of 2020. Airpods, a well received business, has helped lucent to become one of the best companies in Asia's stock market in 2019. Meanwhile, the latest results of the lottery are also in the 2020 Hongkong three Shaq period, and apple is also actively pursuing the Chinese mainland's matching friends.

[6} a Weichuang agent called caiku Baodian recently opened the prize. In 2020, the Kunshan factory sold to Lixun details mainly produces smart phones, laptops and networking devices. The latest prize opening results of the lottery collection of different days in 2020, in the three seasons of Hong Kong, wetrong will move the production of some of its products to other regions of China.

During the 2020 Hong Kong Sanxiao period, some analysts said: \ ,